Korg Kronos Aftertouch

Korg Kronos aftertouch configuration is not that difficult. First, if you want a more sensitive aftertouch, meaning you don’t have to press down as hard to get the full dynamic range of whatever effect the aftertouch is controlling, then you want to use the calibration tool.

The idea is to press only as hard as you will ever want to. There is a minimum amount you have to press to make the bar turn from grey to black, but once it’s black you can release the pressure. If you just get it to the minimum, that will tighten the dynamic range. To get more dynamic range, just press harder, making the black line go further across.

Step 1: Press Global button

Step 2: Press Aftertouch Calibration

When this dialog appears, depress a key. A bar will appear and go across as you press harder.

Very slight pressure…

Very hard pressure…

The second thing you need to do is set the curve.

The manual says that a setting of 3 should be good for most players. I prefer a slightly more sensitive setting, so I went with 4.

Step 1: Press the arrow for the Aftertouch Curve

Step 2: Select the desired number. Higher is more sensitive

Here’s a discussion on aftertouch I found. You might be interested in this for further reading.


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