How to save a sequencer song!!!

How to save a sequencer song on the Korg Kronos:

When the Kronos starts up, it does not load a sequencer song into memory. Here are the steps to save a song, and then save it to disk, and then how to load it again the next time you start the synthesizer up.

Starting in sequencer mode:


Select Rename Song from the menu:


This will bring up a screen showing the title:


Tap the “T” to the left of the title to bring up the keyboard:


Rename the song:


Tap OK to return to this screen:


Tap OK to return to the first screen. Your new title will be there:


To save, start by pressing the Disk button:


The file system menu will show:


Tap the Save tab:


The filename dialog will appear:


Tap the “T” to the left of the filename to bring up the keyboard:


Name the file using underscores for spaces:


Tap OK to return to the previous dialog:


Tap OK to save the song file:


When the save is complete, it will go back to this screen:


The song is now saved.


To reload the sequencer song the next time you start the synthesizer:

Start by pressing the Disk button:


This screen will appear, showing your song file:


Tap the song file to highlight it. Note the buttons that light up:


Tap Load, and this screen appears:


Tap OK and you will see this loading screen:


Once the load is complete, you can return to sequencer mode, and you will see your song title.

Now you know how to save a sequencer song and load it again!


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